Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Drying can take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the severity of the loss and what materials were affected.

This will need to be taken up with the insurance company. What I have seen done before is they will ask for the last few months and the current one and do a comparison and find your average then reimburse you from there.

This depends. If we are in the drying process and discover any sort of microbial growth, we notify you and suggest you have a mold test done. During this time, a licensed mold assessor will come out and preform a test. Which you will have to pay for out of pocket but can be reimbursed for from the insurance company as long as you have an invoice or receipt. If we get a mold report stating remediation is needed we will then schedule that with you. Once we are done there and have a clearance test we will then be able to move into the repair process.

The crew will arrive and set up a containment in the area they need to work in. Once that is up they will then start the demo and move into cleaning. They will also have to set up some air scrubbers until the job have past the clearance test. Once this is done they come back and collect the equipment and take down any continent they had up. They may leave some plastic up if necessary but that will be removed during the repairs.

No, you will have to stay out of it until we have a passing posttest. If you breach the containment for any reason this may cause cross contamination and you have the chance of the mold contaminating unaffected areas in your home. You also run the risk of a failed posttest and we will have to test again and that is an additional charge.

This changes with each customer. It will all depend on WHAT we have to remediate. If we are taking bedrooms and whole kitchens and bathrooms out we recommend trying to get ALE approved. They must of course have this coverage in their policy. Another reason to move out of the home temporarily would be if they have server allergies or health concerns. We find people will small children prefer to stay out of the home.

Now is we are only doing one bathroom and they have another one then we suggest staying in the home. ALE – alternative living expenses

Yes, we are full service and fully licensed.

You will need to contact your adjuster to inform them and make sure you have coverage in your policy that covers the damages. If you do then you will need to document all damages and submit to the insurance carrier.

We will send in all necessary documents, but you will still be responsible for setting the claim up and also talking with them. They are going to want to ask you questions. We also like to mention them reaching out to the mortgage company as well.

This is typically done by the field adjuster who comes out and has not seen the entire extent of the damages and they want to wave a check in the HO face in hopes to get the claim done quickly and cheap. I always tell the customer this and I also tell them to NOT spend it because in the end they will deduct that amount and they will owe us that balance.

You will pay your deductible at the end once the work is completed.

The reconstruction starts once we have approval and funds from the carrier.

No, we do not start the reconstruction until we approval and funds from the carrier.

Once we have the adjusters worksheet and have the budget approved for the job, your project manager will tell you the amount of money you have towards flooring and paint.

This is for our time spent scoping, writing, and negotiating your estimate. We will not collect the cancellation fee unless we have your estimate approved.

Yes, you can! We always recommend upgrading if you have the means too. Talk to your project manager for more information and the process of it.

Each job differs in timeline. Waiting for the funds is the longest process.

Speak with the Construction Supervisor and your Project Manager, they will work out a retail estimate if needed and will discuss your other options.

Call the office and we will discuss doing an estimate.

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