Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation Steps

  1. We know the importance of fast action if you experience the misfortune of a water loss. Every loss is unique and requires a different approach. Our Integrity Restoration sales team is available 24/7 and will come to your home and begin your introduction to Integrity.
  2. We will determine how far is the water damage**
  3. Video and pictures will be taken to evaluate damage.If applicable, A phone call will be placed to your Insurance company.
  4. Within the next 24 hours the dry out process will begin.This can take up to 6 days.***
  5. On Day three or four the water equipment is monitored.We will bill your insurance company not you. If you’re Self Pay a bill will be presented before the process begins.

*Non conducive for mold growth is 15% on any contents : baseboards, floor,and or cabinants. Conditions for mold growth is anything over 30% in the house

**Laminate floors and carpet with fecal matter  will need to be replaced as they cannot be dried out.

***During the dry out process furniture and other personal belongings may need to be moved.

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